Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Update

Hi again. It's a hot summer afternoon, 30C... a good afternoon to relax and drink beer, it's what I do best afterall. In that spirit, this blog post will be about what I feel are good summer beers. Yes, pale lagers will get the job done in the heat, but their lack of flavour (or just plain bad flavour) just doesn't cut it. Here's what I recommend:

Brooklyn Summer Ale - Pleasing bready aroma with a light citrus hop note. Clean drinking, a trace of fruit, light citrus hops. Clean, dry finish. Reminds me of a good all malt lager. Very drinkable.

Pyramid Hefeweizen/Apricot Weizen - New to these parts, these two hefes are excellent summer drinkers. Both posess a light body which has a certain creaminess, expected wheat flavours, excellent drinkability, they both look nice in the glass too displaying their tall white heads. The Apricot Weizen has a pretty fresh fruit taste, not fake or cloying.

Lindemans Framboise - A sweetened lambic, though it still posesses some nice acidity and tartness too it, and real fruit flavouring. Raspberry fans should grab a bottle immediately.

BrewDog Punk IPA - Well hopped, grapefruity, resiny, creamy UK take on American IPA. Bitter hops and summer work well with me.

more to come

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Shawn (pintbypint) said...

Wow... still have not had time to update lately... been a busy summer.