Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day Of Summer

Brewsters Rig Pig Pale Ale

It's the first day of summer. Why not celebrate with a good beer? I did just that. The weather was nice enough for me to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the late afternoon sun, beer in hand. The beer was from my local brewpub Brewsters, and was bottled in a 675ml "bomber". Rig Pig Pale Ale is in the style of an American Pale Ale. It has a deep golden colour, great creamy, lasting white head. Lightly hopped aroma - there's some citrus notes of orange and a trace of grapefruit. The flavour is a touch malty, some sweetness and caramel notes with subtle citrus finishing hops. 5% abv, a nice lighter beer with enough flavour to enjoy in the warmer weather. Here's to a great summer, with great beer!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Edmonton's Festival Of Beer '07 and other stuff

Beerfest: I attended another small festival this weekend - Edmonton's Festival Of Beer 07. It was housed in the Aviation Museum Hanger, a nicer more spacious venue than the earlier fest held at the Dinwoodie Hall at the U of A. I also got wise and got myself there at noon Saturday in hopes of avoiding the crowds, which made the experience more enjoyable, I actually got to have a few conversations with the brewery reps. It was a small fest, there really wasn't anything availble there that I couldn't have found at the local store or brewpub. I did manange to sample a few that I hadn't had, saving me from buying a sixer. I did find it strange that our 2 local micros were both absent from the fest. I can understand Maverick not being there, as they are in the middle of restructuring (possibly closing?), but Alley Kat, where were you? Sadly Paddock Wood was absent as well. Hopefully these three will be back at next year's fest, assuming there is one, and hopefully it isn't held on the same dates Calgary's fest. Now on to "other stuff"...

Beer Podcasts: I've been really digging the podcasts put out by the fellas at Craft Beer Radio. I've been loading 'em up on the ipod and listening on the way to work. Makes the 3 bus and one train trip a little more tollerable every morning. Thanks guys!

Recent Tastings: Not a lot to report, a few quickies from the fest. San Miguel Dark caught my eye, as something I might like, I was also curious to see if it was similar to Efes Dark which I had at the last fest. It was similar, sweet brown sugary aroma, a little bit of coffee and roasted malts. Rating 3 Brewsters Wit (listed as Christmas Wit on ratebeer) was a very drinkable example of the style - nice clove/yeast/pink gum aromatics, light bodied, sweet clovey flavour, a nice choice for hot weather (hope we get some soon) Rating 3.7 A second wit I found at the fest was Rickard's White. Can Molson make witbier? Sort of... it seemed quite sweet and orangey, and grainy especially in the finish. Really doubt I would buy this, especially when Hoegaarden or even Blanche De Chambly are so common, and more flavourful. Rating 2.8