Sunday, October 14, 2007

He'brew 10:10

Genesis 10:10 is a limited edition brew put out by the Olde Saratoga Brewing company under the He'brew label to celebrate "10 years of delicious beer and delicious shtick" - from the label. The label also states "conceived in San Francisco 1996 - Brewed in New York 2006". It's also interesting to note that the beer is brewed with pomegranate juice. Anniversary beers are usually pretty big, this one was no exception. It poured a dark red-brown colour with an impressive looking tan head. It lasted forever and was extremely sticky and clingy. In addition to looking great, it smelled great - a ton
of caramel/toffee malt with fruity pomegranate notes. The flavour was heavy on malt - it had a toffee/caramel/raisiny sweetness to it - richness even. Hops were surprisingly light, they were there, offering a little citrus character and some light bitterness toward the end. Pomegranate was pretty much absent from the flavour until the beer warmed up a bit, even then it was just a hint.

He'brew Genesis 10:10

The body of this beer was pretty thick, pretty viscous. It reminded me of a barleywine at times, though I wished they would have upped the hopping a bit to balance out the malt sweetness. Nonetheless, this was a fine brew, a sipper, good for the imposing fall weather. It does take the chill out of the bones at 10%abv. I'm glad I was able to participate in the shtick. L'chaim!

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