Saturday, July 28, 2007

Still alive!

Well, it's been ages since I've updated, but summer happened. I'm sure any Ontario readers are enjoying the usually summer meltdown, but here in Alberta it's been unseasonably hot. Been spending a lot of time on the deck, using the new bbq, and just generally chillin'. Beer consupmtion has not slowed down, but has for the most part, been in the pale lager realm. Some of those include Cheetah Lager, Lech Premium, Gallo, Kokanee, Nik Gold. I can't say any of those were really mindblowing, but they did serve as decent thirst quenchers, and most rated in the mid 2 range. I've been told Jever is now availble in Alberta, so I'm looking forward to trying that one, it's been on my radar for a while. And as a plus, it's canned, so danger of that green bottled light struck flavour. It's funny just how popular canned beer is in this province, a total flip from Ontario where everyone buys longneck bottles. Here it's cans. Some mainstram domestic stuff is even harder to find in bottles. It's also interesting to see the various give-aways that come with a 24 pack of beer here, flip flops, t-shirts, cooler bags, glassware and sometimes even a free can or bottle.

Well that's about it for this short and sweet update. Cheers to you all.
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Gilvan Blight said...

Rather amused by the give aways you guys have out West.

Around here right now everyone has finally figured out what Wit beers are for summer.

I've tried two new ones recently, one at the Keg and one at the Kildare House. Unfortunatley both places added citrus to the glass so I couldn't rate them properly (annoyingly even after I asked for it without my next pint came with orange again, and they seemed confused that taking it off didn't do it).

The ones I had were Rickards White which for a Rickards was rather good, and I strongly suggest it for bbq's and parties out in the head. The second was Mill St. Wit, which was even better then the Rickards. Again both were 'tainted' so it's hard to say if they would be a frutity and good without the added fruit.

Not sure if you would be able to get the Mill St. out there, but the Rickards I would guess will be well distributed.

Shawn (pintbypint) said...

Congrats on being my first commentor btw ;)

Yeah, I've had the Rickard's White, seemed very orangey to me. Took me a while to get a sample. Was tapped out at the first beerfest I went to, also tapped out at the second one, but the rep flagged me down when the keg was replaced and I got to try it then. Have not seen the Mill St Wit, but we get Tankhouse, Coffee Porter, Stock Ale and that Organic Lager out here so maybe we'll see it. There's supposed to be a PC White beer out now too. Will have to look for that one at the Superstore Liquor store chains out here. I think the Beer Store might carry it in Ontario.