Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chat-O Stout

Chat-O Stout from Alley Kat

Finally picked up a few singles of Chat-O Stout, a local oatmeal stout brewed and sold exclusively for the Chateau Louis liquor store here in Edmonton. It is brewed by Alley Kat.
The above photo shows it soon after it was poured, and due to the limitations of my digital photography skills it appears a lot darker (black even) than it was. It was dark brown, though not opaque, it had reddish brown highlights. The head settled quite a bit as well, leaving only a thin covering of fine bubbles on the surface. It posessed a light roasty aroma with cocoa hints. Flavour had dark chocolate, and light roastiness. There was a bit of watery coffee at the end with some dry roasted malt. Some reviewers complained that the stout was overcarbonated, I didn't find that to be the case, it did have a fine prickly carbonation and a light but slick somewhat oily mouthfeel, neither of which detracted from the beer. Rating 3.4

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